About Us

Chris Chapman received a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with emphasis in Management and Marketing in 2008 from Columbia College in Columbia, Mo. and decided to continue his education in Soil Sciences at the University of Missouri. He’s currently one of the top Soil Scientist in Missouri for Onsite Waste water Applications. It would be hard to argue anyone carries the experience and expertise Chris has in this industry. He’s a state certified Basic and Advanced Installer, Onsite Soil Evaluator and Inspector for Real Estate Transactions. These certifications along with his background growing up Installing Waste water systems gives him the most well rounded view of the total process these systems involve that frankly no one else has.

Chris Chapman grew up in the onsite treatment business, “dragging
pipe” on his father’s installation projects from the time he was 10
years old. So it’s not surprising that he wound up in the industry,
although the route he took to get there was a bit unconventional.
His company, Show Me Soils, specializes in soil evaluations for onsite
systems in Franklin County and other Missouri counties west of St. Louis. It’s fully separate from the original family business, Chapman Contracting, founded by his father, John Chapman Sr.. Show Me Soils does business with Chapman Contracting but also serves multiple other installation contractors and engineers. Chris Chapman built his 4-year-old business with aggressive Internet-based marketing and with quality, responsive service that quickly turns first-time callers into steady customers. His business also includes onsite system inspections for real estate transfers, and he’s a licensed distributor for Norweco treatment systems. He sees a bright outlook for the business.

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