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Site & Soil Evaluation (Soil Morphology Test)


Onsite Installer | Soil Evaluations Key Growth of Missouri Onsite Business

Soil Evaluations key growth of Missouri Onsite business

Onsite Installer | Strong Medicine for Challenging Soils

Strong medicine for challenging soils

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Soil testing is the method used to determine if a site has suitable soil to support a private on-site waste water treatment system (POWTS), otherwise known as a septic system. The soil must be able to absorb all waste water derived from ordinary living conditions such as toilets, sinks, dishwashers, laundry facilities, etc. Missouri law states that a certified Onsite Soil Evaluator that meets the definition of a Soil Scientist with at least 15 semester credit hours of soil science course work, including at least 3 in soil morphology and interpretations are eligible to perform Onsite Soil Evaluations.

Previously called a perc test, water was actually poured into holes in the ground for the purpose of measuring just how far into the ground a certain amount of water would go in a certain amount of time, thus determining the percolation rate. This method is no longer applama farmroved in many Counties in the state of Missouri.

Today, a soil test or site and soil evaluation consists of digging a minimum of two pits with a Excavator. The soil tester will enter each pit to evaluate the soil by identifying each horizon in the soil profiles. He will determine the depth of horizons, the types of soil, the structure, consistency of the soil, locate the boundaries of horizons and detect the presence of root structure. The pits are typically dug 5′ deep or until a limiting factor in the soil is reached, for example water or redoximorphic features. Your septic system must be installed within the soil-tested area. 

The results o20150827_161458f the site and soil evaluation will determine the type, design and size of the septic system. The completed soil test is filed with the counties administrative authorities for Onsite Septic Systems.

Before purchasing a vacant property you should have a soil test completed to determine what type of system can be installed. This could save you Thou$ands in unexpected costs.

A soil test is also required when replacing an existing septic system where an alternate site has not been previously determined.

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